Whether it is white bread, slightly gray, wholemeal, black, all our breads are sourdough. They are made from leaven which we take care of daily, and from flours which come from the mill of Signy l’Abbaye, in the Ardennes (FR). We try to satisfy all your desires with various associations of flours. By weight or by the piece according to the types, the options are multiple.

viennoiseries 1


Our range of viennoiseries is composed of classics like croissants and pains au chocolat, as well as temporary viennoiseries that are a little more daring to satisfy our customers and our desire to try new combinations. You may not find the « couque » you bought the week before, because we follow our desires.  But don’t worry, it’s a sign that something new will soon take over.



Here also it’s question of mixing classics (éclairs, merveilleux…) with pastries which will only be available for a few weeks, according to the desires. Our range of pastries follows a seasonal logic because we select ingredients of the moment, to offer you fresh seasonal products.


The extras

In addition to all this, we offer you some products that do not really fit into the categories created above but that deserve special attention all the same. You will find for example an assortment of jams, with a high fruit content. The same goes for our home-made sorbets, which contain 60% fruit. As for ice creams, they are made from carefully selected raw materials.