Who are we ? Know how and values

Welcome to our little family!

At GÂTEAU, a small artisanal company, the objective is simple: to satisfy the gourmets on a daily basis. For that, in the workshop we work in the respect of the traditional know-how and with quality raw materials: long fermentations with leaven for the breads, AOP butter for the pastries, flours from the mill of Signy l’Abbaye in the Ardennes (FR). And of course, everything is 100% made in our workshop. In the end, we do nothing extraordinary except our job.

Our products

As for our products: we like to try new things, we like to venture out so that we are always stimulated, and because doing the same thing every day of the year is not very exciting. That’s why the range of pastries changes regularly: we try to follow a seasonal logic (no strawberries in winter…) and to make according to our inspiration.

For viennoiseries, we vary from time to time, hoping to renew your pleasure, while keeping the great classics (croissant, pain au chocolat…).

The bread, it remains more or less the same all year round but its shape can vary according to the period. 

Who says the best possible product says optimal freshness, so everything is obviously fresh of the day.

The counterpart?

There won’t always be your favorite cupcake (if it’s raspberries pie, but it’s November), the choice of products will be limited, and sometimes there won’t be much left at the end of the day. Because we’re not fans of waste. Producing more to finally fill garbage bags with unsold goods, that’s not the idea. So we try to produce precisely on the basis of orders. And if we have products left over, we give it to the associations.

A single objective

Finally, we consider the company as a place where everyone can thrive both on and off the job. And for that, you also need time for yourself, to take advantage of your friends and family, during earned time off. Because the rest of the time, all our efforts are directed towards a single objective: to offer you the best products.